SOS Électricien Montréal

Commercial Electrician Montreal

New installation

Have you just acquired a new commercial building? Trust us to design and install your new electrical network. Depending on your company’s needs, we adapt the voltage required to supply all the equipment you’ll be using, from 120 V to 600 V.

We install all the wiring, sockets, panel and other elements such as internal lighting. You can rest assured about the reliability of your new system. Our expert technicians comply with electrical safety norms and standards. You can run your business with peace of mind, without worrying about electrical connection problems.

Electrical network renovation

If you want to renovate all or part of the electrical network in your commercial premises, you can call on our services. We proceed in such a way as to respect the original circuit diagram in order to minimize the work inherent in the new installation.

What’s more, if you opt for a partial network renovation, we carefully inspect the areas likely to be defective and keep those that are still fully functional, always with a view to saving you money.

Renovating commercial premises is an essential step, since the old system may not be able to cope with more powerful, higher-performance appliances. This could cause serious problems and endanger the premises.

Solving electrical problems

There’s nothing more annoying than an electrical problem in your commercial premises. Imagine a power cut when you’ve got lots of fridges and freezers. All your goods risk rotting if the problem isn’t solved as soon as possible.

To help you, we deploy a team of technicians as quickly as possible to fix your problems without delay. Our responsiveness and expertise can get you out of trouble fast. If the problem is more complex, we can propose alternative solutions by setting up a temporary emergency generator while the main power supply is repaired.

Converting your lighting

For some years now, the trend has been towards LED lighting, whether spotlights or ribbons. To modernize your premises, you may be planning to convert all your lighting fixtures to LED lamps.

At SOS Electricien, we’re here to bring all your lighting up to date. We can even add decorative installations to optimize the brightness of your premises. We take care of outdoor lighting, including overhead illuminated signs. Our team has all the protective equipment needed to work safely at height.

Not only do you give your commercial premises a modern, aesthetic look by switching to LED lighting, you’re also contributing to eco-responsibility, since these devices are more economical and longer-lasting.

Installation of an emergency generator

Installing an emergency power system is a priority when you run a business, especially when it relies heavily on electricity. It would be a shame to have your entire business interrupted by an unexpected power failure, without you being able to do anything about it until the breakdown service arrives.

To prevent this from happening, we can install an emergency generator on your premises. We supply you with equipment from the world’s leading brands. We’ll take care of delivery and all the arrangements needed to connect the generator to the local distribution system.

Inspection and maintenance of your equipment

The smooth operation of your equipment and electrical network is crucial to your business. You must therefore carry out regular maintenance and inspection of your entire system.

We perform this type of service by inspecting every connection in your network in minute detail. As a result, your electrical system remains 100% functional all year round, and you can develop your business in complete safety.

We also carry out in-depth inspections of electrical installations in buildings you have just acquired. You don’t know the actual state of the wiring and connections, which could be dangerous for you. When you call on our services, we will reassure you about their condition and replace any defective portions.

Why use our services for your commercial electrical work?

Do you own a store and want to renovate your old electrical installation, or are you in the process of building a new business premises? If you’re looking for an electrical contractor to meet your needs, you’ve come to the right place.

At SOS Electricien, we’re used to working on the electrical network of commercial establishments such as restaurants, grocery stores or stores. Whatever the task, we’re the provider for the situation. Our expertise and experience in the field are your guarantee of top-quality service and professionalism.

We take all your projects into consideration, whatever their size. No job is too big or too small for us, and we put our heart and soul into it, no matter how big or small.

We also draw up a quotation in line with your budget and expectations. This way, you won’t face any nasty surprises once the work is finished, with a bill that’s bigger than expected.

By placing your trust in us, you can let us take care of your commercial projects from A to Z without having to worry about a thing. Our turnkey offer will take all the hassle out of the job. All you have to do is supervise the technicians from time to time if you feel the need.

Installation of charging stations

Your commercial establishment needs to keep pace with technological developments to keep up with the competition. Installing charging stations for electric cars in your parking lot, for example, would be a real plus that your customers would appreciate.

We have a specially trained team to carry out this work. You’ll receive your terminal in no time at all, so you can satisfy your customers even more and play your part in the conversion to eco-energy.