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Electric heating installer in Montréal

If you live in Montreal and the surrounding area, electric heating is the best solution to protect you from the winter cold. This equipment comes in several varieties that can differ in terms of air circulation and heat distribution. Its installation is delicate and requires the intervention of a specialist like SOS Électricien Montréal. Find out what you need to know about electric heating and how to install it.

Electric furnace

The electric furnace is the most widely used heating system in Quebec. It is available in different formats and models to meet the needs of every household. Your choice depends on the volume of the room to be heated. You must then calculate the heating loads before connecting the system. It’s the only way to avoid premature wear and tear on your equipment.

Electric furnace features

The electric furnace operates with a single thermostat and regulates heat evenly. This heating system is compatible with other auxiliary systems such as humidifiers and air conditioners. It requires the installation of ventilation docks that also provide connection for added systems. Some models feature a small automatic reserve generator. The electric furnace dries the air and makes noise in the room where it is installed.

Installing the electric furnace

You need a master electrician to install your electric furnace. Our team of professionals is here to help. We study the size of your home and take your heating needs into account. We then carry out a thermal assessment to suggest the most appropriate model for your interior space. Our experienced heating engineer will also show you the ideal location for your electric furnace and install it safely. We are also investigating the possibility of connecting a humidifier to your electric furnace to limit air drying. Our service also includes connecting an air conditioning system to your heating system for use during the summer.

Electric furnace maintenance

Careful maintenance of your electric furnace is essential, and should be carried out at least once a year. It should be carried out by a heating professional like SOS Électricien Montréal. We offer this service at a reasonable price.

Our team will carry out a detailed inspection of your heating system. Depending on the findings, we carry out a total or partial cleaning of the device and replace any defective parts. Maintenance covers all heating components: motor, fan, electronic filters, air filters, etc.

Conventional baseboards/Thermostat

Conventional heating, better known as baseboard convectors or baseboard heaters, is common in residential, commercial and industrial areas of Montreal. An institutional thermostat ensures heat distribution. The energy efficiency of this device is assured, although its control remains less precise than that of other heaters.

Special features of conventional baseboards/Thermostat

This is the best-value electric heater. Installation is much easier than with other models, but it’s always best to leave the job to a master electrician. Conventional baseboards are also easier to replace if your heating needs change.

You need several thermostats in each of the rooms to be heated for your conventional baseboard heater to deliver the expected results. This type of heater is also more imposing, making it unsuitable for small interior spaces. You should also know that this model dries the air.

Conventional baseboard/thermostat installation

Anyone can install a conventional baseboard quickly and easily. We recommend, however, that you always call on the services of an expert heating engineer to ensure safe use of the device over time. The cost of installing this type of heater is much lower than for other types of baseboard.

We offer our baseboard heater installation service for your renovation project, as well as for any other situation. Once installed, you can adjust the thermostats at any time, which can be set independently in each room. A ceiling fan can also be fitted to distribute the heat evenly throughout the room.

Maintenance of conventional baseboards/Thermostat

Easy to maintain, your conventional baseboard can be cleaned whenever you’re ready to do so. Simply switch your device off before servicing. We’ll give you the annual overhaul of your electric heating system, as required by law.

Underfloor heating

For greater comfort, choose underfloor heating. It doesn’t dry out the air and distributes even heat. Electric heating is very popular in and around Montreal, despite its high cost.

Specific features of underfloor heating

Radiant heating is its greatest strength. You’ll feel that the temperature is uniform in all areas of the room to be heated. Its energy efficiency is over 95%, which is considerably higher than that of other models. Underfloor heating gives you the comfort you’re looking for, and requires less maintenance. But you need a larger budget to afford this device and its thermostats.

Underfloor heating installation

The installation of underfloor heating is rather complex and not easily adapted to renovation projects. This delicate task is our specialty. Our team of electric heating installers will provide you with quality service at a lower cost than elsewhere.

There’s no need to worry about damp in your home. There’s no need to demolish equipment to adapt it to your renovation project. We take a close look at the site before installing your heating system.

Underfloor heating maintenance

You don’t need to maintain your underfloor heating system frequently. It’s an ultra-comfortable, innovative device that only requires periodic maintenance once a year.

Our electrical appliances meet applicable Canadian standards and carry the “C” indicator. Our team of heating experts is on hand in all parts of Canada for installation work, as well as for emergency repairs.

Our services also include all other electrical work, vehicle charging stations, home automation systems, outdoor lighting, electric heating, spas, swimming pools… Don’t hesitate to contact us, we can offer you a service that meets your expectations.