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Making a major electrical connection is a task strictly reserved for experienced professionals. This is a job that is both dangerous for the person doing the installation and for those who will occupy the premises if the connection is done in a negligent manner.

Electrical connection

The electrical connection consists of connecting a new electrical circuit of a home or building with the public distribution network. It is only through the connection that a private area can benefit from electricity. Once it is properly done, it is possible to operate all electrical devices in a home or room.

The connection: a complex and crucial task

The electrical connection is the source of electricity in a house. It is therefore of capital importance for the entire electrical network. If it is poorly sized, it may not be able to cover all the electricity needs of the home. In another extreme case, it also risks creating a power surge in the power grid, which could damage all the working devices in the house.

It is therefore essential to leave this task strictly to the care of experienced professionals such as SOS Electricien Montreal.

Strict standards to be observed

Since the connection is one of the most important steps in the success of an electrical installation, its realization must be done in compliance with many specific standards in force in Montreal and Canada.

Electrical panel installation

At SOS Electricien Montreal, we install your electrical panel. We provide everything you need so you don’t have to worry about any detail.

The electrical panel, the most important element of the installation

The electrical panel, often referred to as a distribution panel, is the part that connects the outdoor distribution network to that of your home or premises. It is a box that brings together all the electrical circuits of the home as well as the elements that ensure the safety of the electrical installation such as circuit breakers or surge arrester. The electrical panel is often installed at the entrance or in the garage

Difference between electric panel and electric meter.

The electrical panel and the meter should not be confused. The latter is placed upstream of the switchboard and is used to measure the electricity consumption in the house or the room. This consumption depends on the power of the devices you use in the home and the length of use of each device.

What elements make up the electrical panel

The electrical panel is made up of many important parts. As you open the doors of the painting, you discover several rows of modules that vary depending on the size of your home. You will also see a general circuit breaker which will manage the overall power supply to the installation. In general, it switches off automatically in the event of a problem with the home network.

Circuit breakers, on the other hand, protect appliances and lighting from surges. Differential switches protect occupants by automatically shutting off when a current leakage to earth is detected. They warn of electrocution.

Electrical input and socket

We offer a service to relocate your main electrical entrance for any reason.

The outer and inner part of the entrance

The outer part of the entrance is the area where the electrical seal connecting the house and the outdoor power line is located. It also includes the electric mast which is installed on the exterior cladding of the building or on a pole. The interior part includes the meter and the electrical panel.

Electrical Connection In Montreal

Why change your entry?

There are various reasons that may prompt you to make a change of entry. Here are the main causes. First, replacement is necessary if the electrical mast and the meter socket become worn and rusted.

Second, when the power supplied by the external power supply becomes insufficient, it is necessary to make the change of input in order to adjust this power. Third, change is essential if there is noise at the entrance. Finally, wear of the electrical seals at the inlet as well as too frequent a jump of the main circuit breaker are reasons to change the inlet.

Trust us for your electrical connection work

Making a major electrical connection in your home or premises is a complex and dangerous job which must be left to the care of a certified professional. At SOS Electricien Montreal, we have all the qualifications and experience necessary to make the connections safely and in due form.

Electrical Connection In Montreal

So, if you are looking for a reliable provider to do your connection work, you can totally trust us. Our master electricians provide full services on all residential, commercial, industrial electrical work, generator installation, home automation, charging station, heating, electricity for swimming pools and spas, emergency repairs …

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