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Electrical panel replacement in Montreal

The electrical panel is the heart of a building’s electrical circuit, whatever its type or purpose. Periodic inspection, maintenance and, above all, replacement are mandatory to ensure the integrity of your home. Find out exactly when this device should be replaced.

Why is it necessary to replace an electrical panel?

Renovating the electrical circuit

Over the years, your home’s electrical system starts to wear out, and the risk of breakdowns and short-circuits is high. To prevent the worst from happening, you need to think ahead and replace the entire circuit, including the panel. If you’re buying a relatively old house, we also recommend replacing the electrical box and wiring.

Increasing current input

As you acquire new electrical appliances, the electrical panel may no longer be able to meet the needs of your home. At some point, it becomes essential to replace it with a more efficient system. As a result, the new system will be able to fully cover the requirements of the new devices for several years to come.

Level the panel according to standards

Safety standards for electrical installations are evolving in line with new technologies in Canada. To bring your home up to the latest standards, you’ll need to replace obsolete elements, or even the entire panel if necessary. Periodic verification of your installation by a master electrician keeps you up to date with new laws and safety standards.

When is it urgent to replace an electrical panel?

In some cases, your electrical panel needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Here are a few situations where you really shouldn’t put off the work.

Electrical circuit failure

The electricity to your home is suddenly cut off and you’ve called in a specialist. After inspecting the entire electrical circuit, his conclusion was clear: the problem lay with the electrical panel, and the system had to be replaced. In this case, it’s imperative to do so without delay. Temporary troubleshooting may bring the problem back sooner or later. At worst, the situation could get worse.

Electrical panel overheating

It also happens that you routinely inspect your panel and feel a strong heat coming from the electrical box. This is never good, and suggests a malfunction in one of the components, which can lead to premature wear of other parts. In this case, don’t procrastinate, and proceed as quickly as possible to replace the entire electrical panel, to ensure that all faulty components are refurbished.

Rust in the housing

In the case of older buildings, it’s highly likely that the electrical panel will lose its watertightness and moisture will start to seep in. Over time, rust forms in the panel components. But this is never a good sign, and can lead to short-circuits and even house fires. If you notice that rust is beginning to invade the bare wires, fuses and metal parts inside, you should replace your electrical entry without delay.

Is it advisable to replace the electrical panel yourself?

We strongly advise you not to repair or replace your panel at the electrical entrance yourself. This is a dangerous task that requires know-how, experience and specific equipment. Without one of these criteria, you risk electrocution or endangering your home.

Instead, put your trust in SOS Électricien Montréal. We have outstanding master electricians who master all electrical installation work to perfection. Our technicians are professionals, and we deploy quickly throughout Montreal to help you out.

At SOS Électricien Montréal, we work on all types of buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial. We carry out an on-site inspection and draw up a preliminary estimate for the work. We are committed to meeting your deadlines and providing quality services for your safety and peace of mind.