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Home and Commercial Automation in Montreal

A home or workspace equipped with a home automation system is both comfortable and secure. If you live in Montreal or the surrounding area, SOS Électricien Montréal is available for all your electrical work. We offer quality home automation solutions to both private and professional customers. Zoom in on this surveillance system.

Home automation in Montreal

Canadians, including Quebecers, have chosen to connect their homes and offices with home automation. These technologies give you remote control of your electrical and electronic appliances from your mobile device. Your home or workspace becomes communicative and consumes less energy. We can provide you with modern, institutional home automation solutions to suit your needs. In addition to supplying you with the necessary equipment, we also take care of the work involved in installing and connecting the system.

What you can do with your smart space

For your safety, you have :
  • Automated locks and motorized blinds to remotely open and close your blinds, awnings, doors and windows;
  • Smoke, motion and glass-breakage detectors that can be consulted at all times;
  • Remote-controlled surveillance cameras;
  • Alarm systems that can be armed and disarmed remotely…
For your everyday comfort and convenience, you have :
  • Intelligent lighting that can be switched on, dimmed, changed color and closed remotely;
  • The remote temperature control system to control the use of the air conditioner or heater;
  • The remote-controlled audio system to play great music to your heart’s content;
  • The remote-controlled video system for your favorite movies;
  • The remote-controlled sprinkler system…

Our home automation service

Our service includes home automation, which helps you gain complete control over your home. You’ll bring more comfort to your interior space, whatever the mood you want to create. With intelligent home automation lighting, you can choose from a wide range of colors and light intensities. You can vary them according to the intensity of natural light and the look of the room.

With home automation, you also benefit from thermal comfort while reducing your electricity bill. The team at SOS Électricien Montréal will install the smart thermostat that gives you this opportunity. You can set the temperature of your home wherever you are. You can also enjoy this thermal comfort in your home wellness area, including SPA and swimming pool.

Another interesting option in home automation is the ability to remotely manage all the openings in your home. This automation system saves an enormous amount of time, and makes life particularly easy for people with reduced mobility.

Simply use your phone or tablet to open and close roller shutters, blinds, gates, ports and windows. In the event of a program change that prevents you from returning, you can have peace of mind thanks to your home automation solutions. By installing a voice assistant on your mobile device, all you need is your voice to control the automatic opening and closing system in your home.

With our home automation solution, your home will be protected just the way you want it. You have a wide choice of residential video surveillance cameras. You’re also entitled to connected locks and doorbells to further enhance your home’s security.

Thanks to the SOS Électricien Montréal protection system, you’ll be alerted at the slightest threat of insecurity. Take advantage of our home automation services and discover that new technologies really do make you happy.

Our commercial home automation service

We have the commercial home automation solution to meet your expectations. We’ll connect it to your commercial or industrial space. These technologies bring a touch of elegance to your waiting and reception areas. You’ll have a good self-image that people around you can’t help but notice, and your customers won’t suspect your professionalism.

Commercial home automation is designed to help you take control of your resources in a safer, more convenient way. If your activity requires the use of several electronic devices, our home automation solution is an option for you to reduce your energy consumption.

In the service of a business, our quality commercial home automation ensures the safety of employees and the establishment. People in the workplace will be warned of any problems that could threaten their safety.

Our home automation equipment is high-performance and state-of-the-art. Smoke detectors prevent incidents. Door automation systems make everyday life easier for agents and visitors. Intelligent thermostats ensure the well-being of your customers and employees at all times. If the light in a room is left on by accident, simply switch it off remotely.

Our commercial home automation solution also optimizes the security of your industrial zone or the place where you sell your products or services. The motion detector signals any intrusion, which you can view in real time thanks to intelligent, remote-controlled surveillance cameras. This protection system gives you permanent access to the interior of your store or business.

Your advantages with residential and commercial home automation solutions from SOS Électricien Montréal :

  • Practical home automation solutions ;
  • Automation system tailored to your needs ;
  • State-of-the-art equipment ;
  • Custom installation work ;
  • Competitive price ;
  • Consulting and support services.

We can meet your expectations in terms of residential and commercial home automation. We help you control your appliances, manage light and heat in your home, including outdoor lighting, and make your home completely secure.

In addition to home automation, our services also include all electrical work, electric heating installation, vehicle charging stations, generators and inverters… Put your trust in the SOS Électricien Montréal team, assisted by a professional master electrician. You can contact us online to find out about our products, services and prices. We also respond to emergencies in and around Quebec.