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Poorly equipped stations, broken down terminals, a long queue, so many constraints to power your electric vehicle. The home charging station is an interesting solution. For its installation, trust SOS Électricien Montréal . We put our professionalism and our know-how at your service. Discover our electric car (EV) charging station service in Canada.

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The specificity of our charging stations

We offer quality products that meet the design and safety standards approved by the Canadian Standards Association. Our terminals are of conductive type and promise a great longevity thanks to their solidity to their powerful accumulator.

Our charging stations are compatible with all varieties of electric cars: battery model and plug-in hybrid model. You will charge your vehicle whenever you want and the charge is faster because of the power delivered by our good quality devices.

Home charging stations

We are able to provide you with home charging stations for electric cars. We provide transport and secure installation of your equipment. The first advantage of charging at home is the time savings. You can also enjoy your little comforts at home while loading your vehicle.

In addition, as you participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with your electric car, you will obtain recognition from the Quebec government. Half the cost of purchasing and installing your charging stations will be reimbursed.

To be eligible for this reimbursement program, you must purchase new terminals intended for private use. The power supply to each terminal must be provided by a voltage of 240 volts. Its installation must be entrusted to a master electrician qualified as SOS Électricien Montréal . The device must also be certified by a recognized organization.

Charging stations for businesses

We are also able to provide many of you with the benefit of charging stations. We offer the installation of these devices for the fleet of electric vehicles in your workplace and for the private cars of your employees. You have a choice of supply voltage: 120 V only, 240 V only, or both. In particular, we suggest models equipped with an access card for more convenience.

For public use charging stations, we have products equipped with electronic payment system. These commercial terminals are also 50% supported by the government of Quebec under the program. Connected to work. The eligibility conditions for the reimbursement program are similar to those for private terminals. New devices approved by a competent body and installed by a qualified master electrician.

Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

You must imperatively entrust you to an expert for the installation of your residential or commercial charging station. This is the only way to ensure the efficiency and security of your device. It is also the way to benefit from state aid and therefore considerably reduce your expenses related to the acquisition of this power supply system.

Residential models for individuals are easier to install, but it is always worth calling a professional. It is much safer and much less expensive. If you live in Canada and more particularly in Montreal, we do not make you wait to come and install the products purchased in our premises.

For models intended for institutional, commercial or industrial use, it is sometimes necessary to arrange the place where the terminal will be installed. Several parameters come into play and the installation can become a bit complex depending on the condition. Our teams are used to dealing with this kind of situation.

Our master electrician carries out a pre-work visit to analyze the feasibility of the installation project. The team sets up the charging station according to the observation made by the team leader. You can attend all stages of the work.

It is a responsible choice to drive an electric car. To make your life easier, get our best charging stations at the right price. We provide transport and secure connection.

Our services also include simple and complex electrical work, installation of home automation system, electric heating, outdoor lighting, swimming pool and spa, sale of generators and inverters … We also take care of emergency situations. Visit our site and contact us to benefit from our offers and our quality products.

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