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A generator transforms fossil energy (fuel oil / gasoline) into electrical energy autonomously. In other words, it is a generator set. This type of alternative device to electricity is available for sale at SOS Électricien Montréal. We also carry out the installation to ensure its proper functioning. Find out what you need to know about these devices and our services.

The electric generator

The electric generator is usually used as a secondary energy source in homes, commercial buildings, industries or even institutions. It powers the electrical appliances and provides lighting for the area.

This device therefore serves as a backup option to ensure the resumption / continuity of activities in the event of a power failure. However, it can also completely replace electricity in areas where it is not accessible.

What are the advantages of a generator over a solar panel?


The biggest advantage of a generator over a solar panel is in performance. The generator set operates stably regardless of the weather and inclement weather.

A more or less significant drop in performance is however observed in the solar panel during cloudy days or in winter. It is generally necessary to opt for a large installation to ensure the proper functioning of all devices even during bad weather.

The price

The cost of the solar panel, its accessories and installation is very high. The electric generator, on the other hand, is affordable and fits almost any budget. When it comes to durability, it mainly depends on the maintenance of the devices.

In any case, the generator set offers good value for money, especially if you use it as a backup device.

What are the disadvantages of the generator?

The electric generator requires maintenance around twice a year. For this, it is necessary to call in a qualified professional. We would like to point out, however, that the batteries in a solar panel must also be maintained regularly to ensure their proper functioning.

In addition, the use of a generator is sometimes expensive when cuts are common, especially because of the cost of fuel. Solar energy, on the other hand, is completely free when available.

Generator or solar panel: which one to choose? Our advice

In our opinion, the ideal would be to have both devices, whether you have access to electricity or not. It is always more practical to be able to choose the most economical alternative depending on the weather or the performance desired at the time.

This option would be expensive, however, and having both devices is not always necessary. We therefore give you our advice on choosing the devices you need.

When to choose a generator?

The generator is more economical when power cuts are not very frequent in your area. This is generally the case in most parts of the province of Montreal. The cost of installation is lower and the fuel expenses are lower.

We also recommend that you opt for a generator set if you need stable current at all times. This is usually the case for buildings in the industrial sector or hospitals where all the machines have to run continuously. The generator is also the device that we recommend if you live in an area where the weather is often cloudy and where the sun rarely appears in winter.

When to choose a solar panel?

We especially recommend the solar panel for homes. However, commercial buildings or even offices located in areas where power cuts are frequent can also choose this option.

It would also be more economical in places where electricity is not available. Nevertheless, we believe that the generator set remains a more cautious option.

Installation & Sale Of Generators In Montreal

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Installation & Sale Of Generators In Montreal

Benefit from the skills of home automation specialists if you are interested in smart homes or offices. Finally, we have an electrical emergency service in the event of a disaster. Do not hesitate to call on our qualified electricians for all your construction, renovation or repair projects. The Canadian Electrical Code requires that all installations be carried out by a professional.

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