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Failures in the electrical system usually deprive you of electricity and damage your devices. Some more serious problems can even cause large fires. We therefore advise you to call an emergency electrician as soon as you notice any anomaly. The technicians at SOS Électricien Montréal are at your service for this.

Why should you call an emergency electrical service?

Electrical emergencies include all observed failures in the circuit and operation of the electrical system. These can occur in all types of buildings: residential, commercial, industrial or even institutional.

The instability of the tension

Voltage instability affects the proper functioning of your electrical and electronic devices. The damage within these worsens as the phenomenon occurs. It is therefore important to remedy this problem as soon as possible to avoid significant expenses later.

Disasters affecting the electricity distribution system

The fall of a tree, a pole or a house, the cut of a high voltage wire or any other disaster affecting the electricity distribution system requires the intervention of emergency of an electrician. These disasters can cause serious accidents such as fire or electric shock, in addition to power outages.

Short circuits or sparks

Do you notice small sparks at the sockets or bulbs? A competent master electrician must immediately be called in, who will quickly find suitable solutions. In the same vein, we strongly recommend that you contact an electrical emergency service when you smell a burning smell on the wires or sockets or in the event of a short circuit. It could be the cause of a serious fire.

Deterioration of electric wires

Weather, humidity or even electrical overloads can cause damage to conductors or other components of an electrical circuit. This sometimes leads to substantial damage to devices, but can also cause major fires. It is therefore necessary to call a professional to remedy it as quickly as possible.

Malfunction of the electrical system

Your circuit breaker trips as soon as you flip a switch or use an outlet? Is a part of your house no longer lit? This can come from an electrical overload, a connection error, a faulty accessory or a problem with the main circuit. In all cases, it is necessary to call a professional as soon as possible.

What are the precautions to take in an electrical emergency?

In the event of voltage instability or power failure

  • Unplug all your electrical and electronic devices to avoid damaging them. A considerable voltage rise can indeed occur when the electricity returns;
  • Leave a light on to know when power is restored. However, wait a few minutes before reconnecting your devices until everything stabilizes;
  • Avoid opening your refrigerator to avoid any heat transfer which could increase the temperature inside;
  • If possible, turn off the heater and build a roaring fire;
  • Immediately start your electric generator if you cannot stop your activities. This is for example the case in a commercial building, a hospital or an industry. It is therefore necessary to regularly refuel generators to deal with this type of unforeseen event.

For other cases

  • Immediately call a master electrician to limit the damage;
  • Turn off all lights, unplug all your devices and turn off the general meter until the technician arrives. You can also manipulate the electrical panel if you know exactly where the fault is;
  • Stay away from cut wires or fallen trees to avoid getting electrocuted.

What to do to avoid electrical faults and emergencies?

Here are the measures to be taken to minimize the risk of electrical failure:

  • Call on a master electrician for the establishment and installation of the electrical circuit in the building;
  • Choose good quality accessories: switches, wires, fuses or even dominoes. The investment may seem expensive at first, but the materials are stronger and more durable and limit the risk of accidents;
  • Avoid overloading outlets and extension cords, especially with appliances that consume a lot;
  • Perform regular inspection and maintenance of the entire electrical system. We always advise you to hire an experienced professional for this. This will guide you to the best measures to take such as repair or renovation;
  • We generally do not recommend doing electrical DIY for the purpose of repairing or improving the system.
Montreal Electrical Emergency

Why call on SOS Electricien Montréal for your electrical emergencies?

The technicians we put at your service are qualified and experienced. They have the skills to identify and assess problems and remedy them optimally. They are familiar with the standards and regulations in effect in Canada and Montreal and are committed to respecting them meticulously on the sites where they operate.

Our electric emergency service in Montreal is also available 24/7. The technicians arrive quickly on the scene and carry out a rigorous inspection before intervening. They also take all necessary measures to guarantee your safety and theirs. On your side, you are urged to respect their recommendations to avoid aggravating the problems. Finally, we offer a reasonable and competitive rate.

Montreal Electrical Emergency

We offer several other services related to the electrical field. We carry out the electrical circuits and the connections in a residence or a professional building. We also carry out the installation of the charging station and generator. We take care of outdoor, indoor, spa and pool lighting. We even put home automation experts at your service if you want a smart home. Our qualified technicians intervene for new constructions, repairs or even renovations. So call on us for all your projects. We provide good service for a reasonable price.

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