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There’s a lot more to outdoor lighting than illuminating the space around your home. It’s a decorative element that adds aesthetic appeal to your exterior, and much more besides. Take a look at the different types of outdoor lighting and everything you need to know about installation.

Different types of outdoor lighting

There are different types of outdoor lighting that can be installed in a yard.

Outdoor wall lighting

Exterior wall lighting is the type of lighting that is attached to the facades and outside walls of homes. It is often installed at entrances such as doors or gates to illuminate these areas.

The bollard light

It’s an outdoor lighting system in the shape of an elongated tube that can be fixed to the ground or planted in the lawn using its stake-shaped end. It never goes it alone, but works in groups of several bollards to illuminate a particular aisle or area. The bollard light is directed towards the ground and is wide.

Recessed outdoor lighting

The trend is now towards LED bulbs, and outdoor lighting is no exception. Recessed spotlights bring a real aesthetic and modern touch to your exterior, while remaining discreet.

Solar lighting

Green energy means solar energy. It’s becoming increasingly common to see solar lamps used for outdoor lighting. There are many reasons for this: an unlimited power source (the sun) and considerable savings on electricity consumption.

Solar lighting can be found on wall lamps and bollard lights alike. Typically, a small voltaic panel and a battery built into the device make it self-sufficient.

The different uses of outdoor lighting

Garden lighting

There’s no better way to show off your garden and backyard décor than with outdoor lighting. You can use recessed lights, bollard lights or solar lights to highlight specific areas of your garden.

Driveway lighting

If you have a main driveway in your yard, or a garden path that leads to the pool or a cottage, you can install outdoor lighting all along this area. You can use floor lamps, bollard lights and recessed lamps to illuminate your walkways.

Safety lighting

Safety comes first, so combine business with pleasure by installing outdoor lighting around the perimeter of your home. You can link the lamps to a motion detection system that lights up at the slightest suspicious movement. This will act as an effective deterrent to would-be intruders.

Terrace lighting

Your terrace is the perfect place to entertain guests and enjoy evenings out with friends and family. To achieve this, you need to install suitable lighting to illuminate the entire terrace. Recessed spotlights are a very popular trend for the modern look they bring.

Pool lighting

Last but not least, the lighting of a swimming pool and spa are points to be particularly taken into account. Indeed, specific safety measures must be taken when installing these devices, since the circuit is close to a body of water. Nevertheless, in the hands of skilled professionals, you’ll get a pool and spa that’s perfectly lit, aesthetically pleasing and safe for you to play in all evening.

Trust us to install your outdoor lighting

At SOS Electricien Montréal, we offer complete outdoor lighting services. In fact, we are in the process of installing a new external system. If you want to renovate your exterior circuit, you can also call on our services.

We demonstrate our professionalism by making sure your yard looks as good as you want it to. Wires and connections are discreet and perfectly secure, so your little ones won’t run any risks when playing outside.

We can offer turnkey services where you don’t have to buy a single bulb, but we supply all the equipment and accessories needed to guarantee the quality of our work.

SOS Electricien Montréal has a conscientious, professional team of master electricians who will clean up and restore your yard after us. We always meet deadlines and ensure customer satisfaction.

Finally, we offer other services such as residential, commercial, industrial and institutional electricity, home automation, the installation and sale of standby generators, charging stations and emergency breakdown services.