SOS Électricien Montréal

Residential Electrician Montreal

New installation

Are you in the middle of building your new home and looking for a reliable, low-cost provider to install the entire electrical network? Call on our skills, know-how and experience. We carry out a site visit to see the condition of the premises, and our survey begins on site to determine the extent of the work to be carried out. We’ll draw up a quotation to suit your budget and expectations. You can opt for a turnkey solution where you don’t have to worry about the smallest detail, or supply the materials and rely solely on our workforce to carry out the work. However, the first option is preferable so that we can be sure of the quality of the equipment and accessories to be installed.


Your home’s electrical installation is getting old, and it’s high time for a refurbishment. At SOS Electricien Montréal, we analyze your old electrical system, identify any defective parts and replace them. As a result, you’ll have a fully functional electrical system once again, avoiding short-circuit problems or recurring breakdowns due to wear and tear. Depending on your requirements, we can also completely modify your entire network and replace the luminaire with LED lighting, which is much more modern and economical.

Maintenance and inspection

Your home’s electrical system requires regular maintenance to ensure that all components are working optimally and do not present a hazard. You can call on us to carry out periodic maintenance on your system. Our team’s expertise will detect any signs of wear and potential danger.

The same goes for a house you’ve just bought. You don’t know what the real state of the electrical installation is in the house, and going in blind could be dangerous. It’s always best to call in the professionals to find out what’s really going on with the electrical network, to avoid unpleasant surprises.


A breakdown in your network and you could find yourself in total darkness for several days. This kind of situation can quickly become unbearable, especially in these days when everything in the home is powered by electricity.

We have a team that can be dispatched to your premises in the shortest possible time to solve your problems as quickly as possible. The quicker the intervention, the less time you’ll spend in the dark. Whatever the complexity of your problem, our expertise will provide you with a fast, efficient solution.

Home automation

Home automation is at the very heart of modern living. At a time when digital technology is running most of people’s lives, it has become essential to have connected devices in the home.

Roller shutters, heating, hi-fi system, automatic electric gates, intelligent lighting management… these are just some of the technologies we can install in your home. From now on, you’ll make life easier for yourself and be in step with the times.


When it comes to setting up your home’s heating system, you can rely on us for everything from the supply of appliances and equipment to installation and maintenance.

Radiators, underfloor heating, water heaters… let us manage your entire heating network and make your home as comfortable as possible to keep you warm in winter. What’s more, we give you tips on how to consume economically.

Emergency generator

If your home requires the installation of an emergency generator, we can meet your needs. In fact, we can study your actual power requirements and suggest a generator that’s right for you.

From supply to installation, including transportation of the generator, we provide a complete service for the installation of the system.

Charging station

Today, electric and hybrid vehicles are gradually replacing combustion-powered cars. It is therefore imperative to facilitate access to charging stations. What could be better than having them at home?

We set up the necessary infrastructure to accommodate a charging station in your home. You won’t have to worry even if your electric vehicle’s battery is almost flat when you return from your daily commute. You can use it to recharge your car, bicycle or electric scooter.

Outdoor lighting

At SOS Electricien Montréal, we take care of all your outdoor lighting needs. Floor lamps, garden lights, pathway lighting – there are virtually no limits to our services for outdoor lighting elements, and we can meet all your requirements.

We can even take care of Christmas decorations and make your garden and facades as bright as in your childhood dreams. Share the joys of an optimally lit backyard.

Pool and spa

For the electrical connection of your pool and jacuzzi, call on our expert technicians who will deploy their know-how. We install the electrical network from A to Z, and guarantee compliance with the strict safety standards applicable to this type of connection.

Why trust us?

Electrical problems are probably the last thing any homeowner would want to worry about. That’s why it’s vital to call on a reliable professional to install and maintain your electrical system.

At SOS Electricien Montréal, we offer complete residential electrical services. From new installation to renovation and maintenance, put your trust in a qualified team with a wealth of know-how and experience in the field.

We guarantee compliance with safety standards and regulations in force in Montreal, so you can rest assured that you’ll be protected against any electrical problems. We also supply quality accessories (wires, sockets, dominoes, etc.) with long service lives.