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Electrical installation in a spa or swimming pool is a delicate task given that it is a wetland. The risk of malfunction or electric shock are high if the system is poorly protected. The Canadian Electrical Code therefore requires that the connection be made by qualified professionals.

What does the Canadian Electrical Code say?

There are strict standards that must be followed when installing an electrical spa and pool system to ensure user safety. Here are just a few of them.

  • Electrical outlets must be placed more than 3 m from the interior wall of the pool or spa;
  • Electrical outlets or exterior lighting devices installed less than 3 m from the interior wall of the pool or spa must be protected by a class A differential circuit breaker;
  • Submersible luminaires should be placed in niche frames within 2 feet of the water surface. Note, however, that there are specific models that can be installed deeper;
  • Luminaires for submerged niches must be supplied with a voltage of less than 150 Volts;
  • The ignition and operating voltage of dry-niche luminaires must not exceed 300 Volts;
  • Corrosion resistant materials such as copper should be chosen for electrical devices and connections in contact with water.

There are still many standards and regulations to be followed concerning differential circuit breakers, amplifiers and even installation methods.

Why call on a master electrician for the spa and pool connection?

First of all, this is required by the Canadian Electrical Code. But above all, it is a guarantee of safety. The qualified and experienced professional knows all the standards and regulations to be followed in the field. He is therefore able to create and realize an adapted circuit and to choose the appropriate materials for each situation. This minimizes fatal accidents such as electric shock and also ensures the durability of the installation.

What are the professional’s roles in the installation and connection of spa and swimming pools?

The missions of the master electrician are diverse.

Site inspection

Do you own a building with a swimming pool, a hot tub or a spa? We recommend that you hire a professional to inspect the premises to justify whether everything is within standards. He checks the condition of materials, the location of devices and even protection systems. In the event of anomalies, he will be able to suggest the best measures to take: repair or renovation.

New installations

Seek the services of a qualified professional for the installation of electrical panels for swimming pools and various protection systems. This includes, for example, the entire grounding process or even surge protection. It also takes care of everything relating to the heating circuit and the water filtration system. Finally, he also deals with low voltage lighting transformers.

Spa And Pool Electrical Service In Montreal

Maintenance, repair and renovation

It is important to regularly maintain the electrical system of your spa or pool. For this, it is also necessary to call on a qualified electrician who masters the techniques to be applied for this mission. You can also request its services to carry out repairs in the event of malfunction or defective equipment. Finally, this professional takes care of renovations such as changing the entire lighting system.

Our advice to limit the risk of electrocution

  • Stay away from electrical outlets when leaving the pool and spa;
  • Avoid touching the lighting systems when you are in the water, even knowing that they are protected;
  • Use poles designed with non-conductive materials for cleaning the pool or spa;
  • Choose quality connections and devices and check their condition regularly. Contact a master electrician with the slightest anomaly.
Spa And Pool Electrical Service In Montreal

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The technicians we put at your service are competent, qualified and serious. They know and apply all the standards in force in Canada when carrying out the missions. They also work with professionalism and are committed to delivering the sites on time to satisfy you. These experts are also good advice. Finally, we offer attractive and reasonable rates.

To conclude

We also provide you with competent institutional, residential, commercial and industrial electricians. You can also contact us for the installation of charging stations and generators as well as for home automation. We intervene for new constructions, renovations or even repairs. Finally, an electric emergency service is available 24/7.

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