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Are you looking for an electrician in Montreal or Laval? We have over 15 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

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Residential Electrician

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Commercial Electrician

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24/7 Electric Emergency

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Residential and Commercial Home Automation

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Electrical Connection

Electrical panel connection and installation

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Our principes

Every day, SOS Electricien Montréal is committed to providing you with satisfactory and professional services while ensuring your safety as much as possible. Because you deserve it, we go out of our way to serve you and solve all your problems. Here are the three principles we rely on.

Quality services

At SOS Electricien Montreal, we make the adage “The best, if not nothing,” our watchword. Whatever the scope of the tasks to be accomplished, we are committed to providing you with quality services to ensure your complete satisfaction and your safety.

Since accidents related to electrical problems most often cause disasters in a house, we pay particular attention to our work and our installations. This guarantees you peace of mind for many years to come.

Putting customer satisfaction first

“The customer is king”. We are obliged to meet your expectations as best as possible and to satisfy you as much as possible. For this, we are at your disposal and our experts will give you the best possible advice for a job well done and which is not too expensive.

Since the customer is the best advertisement for a business, we pay particular attention to your satisfaction.

Attach importance to any query

At SOS Electricien Montreal, there are no “small jobs” and “big jobs”. All customer inquiries are considered as equal and we attach importance to them whether you call us to replace your light bulbs or to renovate your entire electrical circuit.

So you can be sure that all of our technicians are knowledgeable and don’t neglect any task at hand. We have a duty to accomplish all of our missions, from the smallest to the most complex.

Our team

An expert professional team

In order to carry out the missions assigned to us, we surround ourselves with a team of highly qualified technicians. Everyone deploys all their know-how and skills to offer you the best possible service in relation to your expectations and needs.

Workers at your service

What sets our team apart from others is that we are fully attentive to you and adapt to your needs. Our technicians take your proposals into account and give you advice in order to improve the work. It is by working with you that we can provide you with impeccable and tailor-made services.

A caring and conscientious team

We don’t just do the work on the job site. We also take care to restore the premises as before our visit. Thus, our team makes sure that the premises are cleaned so that you do not have to do it yourself.

Our services

We offer a variety of services focused on work around electricity. Here are the main areas in which we operate.

New construction

We are ready to support you in your new building construction projects. Let us take care of the electrical installation of your new home, business premises or industrial zone from A to Z.

SOS Electricien Montréal is committed to respecting the norms and standards in force in Canada and assures you of safe and reliable installations.

Years of experience

Completed projects

Our Services


Residential Electrician

You can opt for a turnkey solution where you no longer have to worry about the smallest detail, or provide the materials and only call on our labor to carry out the work.

Commercial Electrician

We put in place all the wiring, sockets, panel and other items such as internal lighting.

24/7 Electric Emergency

We therefore advise you to call an emergency electrician as soon as you notice any anomaly. The technicians at SOS Électricien Montréal are at your service for this.

Residential and Commercial Home Automation

A home or workspace equipped with a home automation system is both comfortable and secure.


We are at your disposal for any renovation work on your electrical infrastructure. Aging electrical cables and wires are potential sources of problems in a home or commercial and industrial premises. It is therefore essential to replace them in the event of signs of wear.

At SOS Electricien Montreal, our technicians carry out a renovation respecting the existing circuit diagram in order to minimize the repair work generated by the renovation.


Have you just bought a new home or premises and you have doubts about the reliability of the electrical installation already in place? Call on our professionals to provide their expertise and examine the electrical circuit.

We only replace bad sectors without having to do a complete renovation in order to minimize your expenses.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Regular maintenance of all of your electrical installations is crucial for your safety. By using our services, you can be sure that your devices and the entire circuit are functioning optimally without risk of failure.

In the event of a power failure, don’t panic. We can quickly deploy a team of technicians to fix the problem and get you out of trouble.

Our services offered

Below you will find all the services we provide in Montreal.

Electricity in residential

Trust us for all the work around your home. We take care of everything from the simplest to the most complex to provide you with a safe and reliable home.

Commercial electricity

SOS Electricien Montréal takes care of the entire electrical system of your business premises. Illuminated signs, installation of devices and equipment necessary to run your stores. Our team can take care of it ..

Industrial electricity

We analyze your electrical energy needs and we adjust your installations and your power supply according to this parameter. We also make sure all your industrial devices are secure and can perform optimally.

Charging station

We make the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles one of our specialties. At this time when global ecological policy encourages the use of hybrid and electric vehicles, charging stations are becoming a necessity in both public and private places.


Home automation

In recent years, home automation has become inseparable from modern homes. Connected devices, automated equipment, new technology has completely permeated our daily lives. Trust us to set up your home automation network.

Sale and installation of generator

We work with the biggest brands of emergency generators and we put these products at your disposal. We deliver and install the devices to your premises to avoid any embarrassment.


Heating circuit faulty, to renovate or to install on a new construction? SOS Electricien Montréal takes care of the supply of devices and accessories, their delivery and their installation.

External electricity

Outdoor lighting, illuminated signs, electrical circuit for swimming pools and spas, garden lighting, we offer a multitude of services for outdoor electrical installation. Whatever your request, we will meet your needs and expectations.

Our strengths

Why trust us? We have many strengths that allow us to stand out from the competition throughout the Montreal region. With these assets up our sleeve, we intend to climb the hierarchy of electricity providers and become one of the leaders in the field.

Our professionalism

We have a responsive and dynamic team capable of deploying quickly and providing you with solutions as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown or an urgent need for technicians.

This way, your business will suffer less from downtime due to a power failure. Your electrical network will also be up and running in a much shorter time frame compared to the competition.

Our professionalism

Our team is highly qualified in the field of electricity and various electrical installations. Know-how, complete equipment and experience, these are some of the elements of the whole range available to SOS Electricien Montréal.

Another important point to show our professionalism to our customers: we carry out all the work within the imposed deadlines.

Our competitive rates

The rates for our services are among the cheapest in Montreal and even in all of Canada. We set up a flexible quote that fits your budget and your needs. You can opt for turnkey solutions and let us take charge of your project from A to Z.

Free estimate. Response within 24 hours.