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Institutional spaces are busy public places. Electrical installations in these places must be secure and meet strict standards. It is therefore essential to seek the services of a professional to carry out this mission. Here are the reasons why you should call on SOS Electricien Montreal.

What is an institutional electrical installation?

Institutional electricity represents all electrical installations at the level of private or public institutions such as hospitals, schools or prisons. This basically includes:

  • Exterior and interior lighting systems;
  • Heating and ventilation systems;
  • The connection of wired devices including surveillance systems, telephones or alarms;
  • Computer networks.

For which projects in your institutional space do you call on us?

We can take care of all your electrical projects.

Electrical installation for a new construction

Our technicians start by carrying out an in-depth study of your premises and your activities. They then establish an adapted circuit plan to ensure the comfort of workers and customers. Wiring systems, location, type and number of lights, and the arrangement of electrical outlets are closely considered. They finally do the actual installation once everything is in order.


We can also take charge of electrical renovation projects within your institutional space. For example, you can ask our services to replace your fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel. We also take care of the replacement of defective wires and cables. We can also add new electrical circuits following an expansion. Finally, you can call on us to improve the electrical input capacity.

Installation of heating systems and other interior equipment

We take care of the installation of various electric heating devices, including baseboard heaters or convectors. You can also call on us to connect a fan, a range hood or a water heater.

Emergency response

We are available for emergency interventions following a disaster or even an accident. We then offer you the appropriate solutions after assessing the condition and the extent of the damage.

Installation of communication systems

Our services are not limited to lighting and heating devices. You can also call on us for the installation of communication, surveillance and security systems. We also take care of the connection and connection of the computer networks in your premises.

Why call an institutional electrician?

We always recommend that you call on a specialist professional to carry out your electrical installations. Here are the reasons.

A circuit adapted to your field of activity

A master institutional electrician has the necessary skills in the field to achieve an installation adapted to your activity. He knows all the criteria to be taken into account to optimize the location of equipment or to ensure the safety and comfort of all those who frequent the establishment.

A good quality installation

A professional is able to identify good quality materials suitable for the circuits to be made. He also masters the appropriate assembly techniques to ensure the solidity, proper functioning and durability of the installation.

Montreal Institutional Electrician

A secure installation and in accordance with standards

An institutional electrician knows the standards applicable in Canada concerning electrical installations in an institution. This limits the risk of accidents such as short circuits, fires or electrification. Following the rules will also save you a lot of trouble in the event of an inspection.

Why call on SOS Electricien Montréal?

Discover now the advantages offered by technicians at SOS Electricien Montreal.

Qualified and serious professionals

We only work with qualified and experienced professionals who have a proven track record. They work with seriousness and respect the standards and regulations when carrying out the work. They therefore undertake to deliver a good quality site to you on time.

Fair and competitive prices and reliable electricians

We offer fair and competitive rates to suit almost any budget. Moreover, our main objective is to satisfy our customers. Our technicians therefore offer you the most suitable solutions for your situation, taking your interests into account.

What other services do we offer?

At SOS Electricien Montréal, we don’t just deal with institutional electricity. We intervene in various fields.

Montreal Institutional Electrician

Electricity in a residential, commercial and industrial building

We provide you with specialists in the electrical installation in your home or in your business premises. Their knowledge and know-how are at your service for your new installation, renovation or even repair projects.

Electricity in a spa or swimming pool

Electrical installations in a spa or swimming pool are a bit tricky since these areas are usually humid. Special measures must therefore be taken to limit any risk of electrocution while ensuring good lighting of the area. The Canadian Electrical Code also requires that the work be carried out by qualified professionals. We provide you with competent technicians who will be able to satisfy you and guarantee your safety while respecting the standards.

Home automation

We perform the programming and installation of control receivers for your smart homes and offices. You can thus monitor your premises or your residence remotely and control the interior temperature or the ventilation.

Installation of charging station

Charging stations are useful and indispensable for those who use electric vehicles. You can call on us for their installation in your industrial or commercial premises.

Installation of electric generator

The generator is a generator that produces electricity from fuel (gasoline / oil). We put this type of device on sale and do the installation ourselves.

In summary

You can request our services for all types of electrical installation to be carried out in an institutional space. We put at your disposal qualified and serious professionals for this delicate mission in order to satisfy you as well as possible. We also offer reasonable and competitive rates. So call on us for your construction and renovation projects.

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