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Industrial electrical installation requires the intervention of a professional, particularly because of the expansion of new technologies. The electrician must now connect the machines in addition to providing the exterior and interior lighting of the building. These missions require in-depth studies to ensure the comfort and safety of workers as well as the proper functioning of equipment.

How important is the site study?

The site study is an important step for large electrical installations such as those in an industrial building. Here are the reasons.

To find the best location for equipment

Modern industrial equipment generally needs to be powered by electricity to operate normally. It is therefore essential to find suitable locations for them in order to establish an optimal electrical circuit and wiring path. This limits, for example, wires that pass through the middle of the room due to a lack of plug.

To ensure the safety of workers and the building

The industrial sector also requires the installation of high voltage wires to ensure the proper functioning of the machines. It is therefore necessary to think of a secure circuit to avoid accidents which can be devastating for the building and the employees. A short circuit could for example cause a more or less serious fire. Contact with cables could lead to electric shock.

Finding the right lighting systems

A good lighting system, interior or exterior, ensures the comfort of the employees and the smooth running of the work. A thorough study can determine the type of bulbs to use or their number and location.

To save money

Finally, the study of the site and the planning of the cable trays avoid installation faults which could lead to additional costs.

Why seek the services of an industrial electrician from SOS Electricien Montréal?

We offer a variety of services to satisfy you.

For a new installation

The master industrial electrician that we put at your service has the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Carry out an in-depth study of the site: he evaluates the smallest details of the building to carry out his missions;
  • Establish a secure circuit adapted to your activities;
  • Determine the layout of the room so as to optimize the lighting and the cabling system: length, path or even protection.

For repairs and maintenance

You can also call on us for an electrical emergency in your industrial building. Our technicians are able to detect any faults causing the problems and make the necessary repairs.

For a rearrangement or for the connection of new equipment

Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the room layout or to the power supply when you have new machines. We carry out studies to establish an optimal room plan to maintain worker comfort and safety while ensuring the proper functioning of all equipment. We also perform the unwiring and rewiring of equipment as well as renovations to the lighting and wiring system if necessary.

What are the advantages of hiring a local industrial electrician?

Calling on us gives you several significant advantages.

Experienced and serious technicians

We work with experienced and knowledgeable technicians who are committed to delivering quality work. They know and respect the standards in force in Canada concerning industrial electrical installations. Our electricians are also serious and deliver the sites on time. Note that the study stage is already included in the estimated duration of the assignment.

Montreal Industrial Electrician

Practical and adapted advice

The satisfaction of our customers is one of our main objectives. We provide you with practical advice adapted to your situation. For example, they can provide you with more environmentally friendly exterior or interior lighting solutions if that suits your situation.

An interesting quality / price ratio

We offer reasonable and even competitive rates for the quality of the services we provide.

What other services do we offer?

We offer other services in the field of electricity.

Electrical installation of a residential, commercial or institutional building

We perform the electrical installations for your home or a commercial and institutional building. We intervene for new constructions. We also carry out renovations and repairs. Our experienced technicians will be able to offer you the best solution depending on the situation.

Home automation

Smart homes and offices are all the rage today because of their convenience. This gives you, for example, the possibility of ensuring the security of your premises remotely or of controlling heating devices. Our experts are able to perform the programming and installation of the command receivers.

Montreal Industrial Electrician

Installation of charging station

The installation of charging stations is essential if you or your customers use electric vehicles. These devices can be installed in commercial, institutional, industrial or even residential areas. The skills of our experts will make your life easier.

Installation of an electric generator

The electric generator “generates” electricity from fossil fuels (gasoline or fuel oil). This device is available for sale at SOS Électricien Montréal and is suitable for all types of buildings. You can also request our services for an installation in compliance with the standards in force in Montreal.

Pool and Spa lighting

Installing lights in a spa or swimming pool requires a lot of care and knowledge to ensure user safety. The Canadian Electrical Code requires that this mission be carried out by a professional. We put qualified technicians at your disposal.


Installing an industrial building’s electrical system is not a task to be taken lightly. Several parameters must be taken into account, in particular the number of machines to be supplied, their power as well as their location or the size of the area to be lit. All this requires a serious and in-depth study of the premises before the start of the work. We work with experienced and reliable industrial electricians to ensure your satisfaction. So call on SOS Electricien Montréal for new installations, renovations and repairs to electrical systems in the industrial sector. We are also available for emergency interventions.

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