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Much more than a simple electrician service provider, SOS Electricien Montreal is one of the certified master electricians in Montreal and in Canada. Discover our strengths.

Expert, competent technicians with the best training

At SOS Electricien Montreal, we surround ourselves with only the best electrical technicians. Each member of our team has the skills, experience and knowledge to carry out their assignments.

Our professionals are also able to provide you with advice and suggestions in order to optimize the installation and the materials to be used. This is done out of concern for the quality and longevity of your electrical network.

Our team is made up of different categories of specialized technicians who know their tasks and responsibilities. Perfectly coordinated and well-dispersed work between each member of the team saves time and is extremely efficient.

Guaranteed work

SOS Electricien Montréal enjoys the status of certified electrical contractor. To ensure the quality of our work, we offer a satisfaction guarantee as well as a guarantee on the proper functioning of the new installation or the repair carried out during a given period.

Indeed, a master electrician is committed to his customers as to the quality of his achievements. It would be detrimental to his reputation and that of the electrician profession to receive complaints from customers. Such a situation could lead to the revocation of our license, which obliges us to provide you with meticulous and best quality work.

By offering guarantees to our services, we reassure new customers of our reliability and we retain those who have already used our services.

Guaranteed security

Electrical work is particularly dangerous, especially for people with little or no experience in the field. This is the reason why it is imperative to entrust this task to certified master electricians. They know all the procedures and are able to work in a way that prevents injury to themselves and to others.

We can ensure the safety of the workplace. This way, we can work hand in hand with other workers responsible for carrying out your landscaping work without them running a risk of electrocution.

We leave no stone unturned in order to mitigate any risk of accident. Your safety is our priority and we are committed to bringing you peace of mind regarding your electrical installation. You can live serenely in your home and use the electrical appliances of your choice without any risk.

Compliance with current standards

There are a multitude of standards and regulations that work around electricity is bound by. The standards are used to ensure the quality of services and to guarantee the longevity of the installations.

These standards will also be used to make your electrical network more secure. For example, there are distances to be observed between the electrical outlets. Very precise standards must also be observed with regard to the connection of devices in the washrooms.

By calling on a certified master electrician, you make sure that your entire electrical installation meets the standards currently in force in Canada.

Compliance with laws on electrical work

In addition to standards, there are laws relating to work around electricity that providers must comply with. Authorization requests must be made on certain projects, requiring the issuance of a specific permit.

A master electrician is able to know which work requires authorization and where to obtain these permits. It will help you prepare the necessary documents for granting permissions.

Master Electrician Montreal


A certified master electrician has a professionalism and conscientiousness that many hobbyist providers lack. It is not uncommon for contractors in this field to inflate invoices during construction or take longer to complete projects.

Professionalism is essential in order to respect the estimate while ensuring the quality of the work, as well as the respect of the completion deadlines. Apart from a highly qualified team, it is essential to have the tools and a host of sophisticated professional equipment that will make tasks easier and faster.

This professionalism will make it possible to quickly resolve customer problems in the event of a breakdown. They will be able to resume their usual activities as soon as possible.

Assured technicians

An uncertified contractor is not covered by insurance. So, if he were to be injured in your home while doing his work, if he caused damage to your property or if his job was poorly completed, you will have to shoulder the responsibilities and the costs yourself. / p>

In fact, home insurance does not cover a major accident related to your electrical network during a repair or renovation. Only certified professionals have insurance that removes all liability from you in the event of a problem.

You should pay attention to this criterion so as not to bear all the costs related to a possible problem. When choosing your provider, ask to see proof of insurance from them and check that it is up to date.

Master Electrician Montreal

Why use our services?

Accidents related to poor connection or neglected installation are high in Canada. The reason is that many owners still rely on any provider of questionable reliability.

At SOS Electricien Montreal, we think, above all, of the safety and peace of our customers. We leave no stone unturned, from the smallest to the most complex. As certified professionals, we are bound by a quality commitment to customers. We are building a new integral network. We renovate your old installation, we carry out maintenance and ensure its optimal functioning and we help you as soon as possible in the event of a breakdown.

We can also provide services in electrical connections, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, sale and installation of generators, home automation, charging stations, heating, exterior lighting, troubleshooting emergency, pool and spa.

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